Any of various types of fittings, usually made of plastic, designed to fit in the auricle of the ear and conduct amplified sound from a hearing aid to the ear canal.
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The company's behind-the-ear models feature a tube that connects an electronic module to the earmold located in the ear channel.
ILLUSTRATION OMITTED] Behind-the- The electronics sit in a case behind Ear (BTE) the ear, which is connected to a plastic ear-piece called an [ILLUSTRATION earmold that fits inside the ear.
an Australian charitable organization, to develop basic earmold manufacturing kits that can be sold at low cost in developing countries and to provide training to support quality earmold production.
Both the microphone and receiver of the headset are incorporated into an earmold, allowing it to accommodate the facemask of a self-contained breathing apparatus, he said.
A little soft piece called the earmold would fit inside my ears.
Thus the variability of measurement seemed to be caused not by an ill-fitting custom earmold but instead by the filter set.
Behind-the-Ear (BTE) hearing aids are worn behind the ear and are connected to a plastic earmold that fits inside the outer ear.
A cord connecting the receiver snaps into the earmold.
The buyer scans the mold of the ear piece manufactured and sends the scanned file to the supplier, whereby the supplier manufactures and delivers a ready-to-use earmold to the buyer.
In addition, it can be used with the designed tubing or worn with a traditional, customized earmold.