immediate reaction

(redirected from early reaction)

im·me·di·ate re·ac·tion

local or generalized response that begins within a few minutes to about an hour after exposure to an antigen to which the individual has been sensitized.
See also: skin test, wheal-and-erythema reaction.
Synonym(s): early reaction
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Following gushing early reaction from Monday night's premiere, Ryan Coogler's film is the top daily ticket-seller on Fandango.
FAO stressed that prevention is the key in reducing the extent to which Desert Locust can affect agricultural areas, mainly through early warning and early reaction.
Cech preferred to focus on the efforts of all the players and not just his key contribution in producing a fine early reaction save to deny Thiago Alcantara.
The early reaction to the singles is great - it seems like people really understand where we're coming from and I think the album will help the new material make even more sense.
Surprisingly, the early reaction to Moscow was silent.
Early reaction indicated that a pro-life education campaign would be started.
of Alkhabeer Capital to get his early reaction on how he thinks the market will move in the next few months
The early reaction to the previews staged in London and New York indicate that there will be strong competition," said Wilkinson.
There was no early reaction from the Emirates, an ally of Cairo against Islamist extremism.
We re excited about the early reaction to these innovations and the impact its favorable adoption will have on our increasing market profile.
I want to speak today about some of the early reaction to the President's announcement [on a college rating system].
Early reaction in Montreal indicates die-hard Jackson fans are ecstatic while non-believers remain so throughout, emerging more perplexed than elated.

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