immediate reaction

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im·me·di·ate re·ac·tion

local or generalized response that begins within a few minutes to about an hour after exposure to an antigen to which the individual has been sensitized.
See also: skin test, wheal-and-erythema reaction.
Synonym(s): early reaction
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Early reaction to Aronson's appointment was positive.
Fhiona has now joined the Thomas Maguire Band and early reaction from dancers has been hugely positive.
While a deal on the Kevin Smith-directed pic is likely, early reaction to it was less than ecstatic, with particular concerns expressed about its 128-minute running time.
"I've been pleased with the early reaction but it's no point having that over a couple of weeks - we need to have it over three years."
To Silver's credit amid all the Universal corporate craziness over the last two years, he has put together a slate of pics for 1999 that have garnered good early reaction and show solid potential, including:
Early reaction to the perspex-bodied machine has created huge demand, which Mr Cooke predicted would exceed output at the Cork plant which has been selected as the production point for Europe.
'Unheard Of': The Early Reaction To Target's Big Quarter
Alerts are available on a mobile app and important performance indicators are also projected on dashboards - both with the target to trigger early reaction to problems.
It's not clear that Allergan will be much help there, and the early reaction from AbbVie shareholders suggests they have doubts:
He added that there was "a consensus, between the United States, Russia, Europe and many states in the region, that it is finally time to end this conflict." "The early reaction has been relatively positive but in my opinion things are frozen due to the Hodeidah situation." The UN is already providing food aid to some eight million Yemenis but that number could reach 14 million next year, Mr Guterres warned.
Meanwhile, Keefe, Bruyette & Woods analyst Meyer Shields issued an early reaction to the acquisition agreement that was neutral to positive.
The market is showing little early reaction to the historic meeting between the U.S.

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