early pregnancy

early pregnancy

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Q. What are pregnancy symptoms during the first week? My wife and I started trying to get pregnant 5 days ago. According to ovulation web sites we stated on the best day possible. Yesterday she complained about achy legs and feeling "weird." Also mild cramps. Are there symptoms for pregnancy that occur so quickly?

A. They can come after a week of conception but more likely 2-3 weeks. Here are all the symptoms in one page:

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Among 5,500 women taking part in a study of health during early pregnancy, just over 10% had at least one fibroid detected by an ultrasound scan.
Alex Herrin, every year the Philippines forfeits around P33 billion in lost income due to early pregnancy, equivalent to over 1 percent of the gross domestic product in 2012.
Virginia Narciso shared the two-day congress that aims to raise awareness of teen moms on friendly health services and to develop them as advocates for the prevention of early pregnancy.
A dedicated acute gynaecology and early pregnancy assessment service will be set up at Pinderfields.
In contrast, two recent case-control studies have showed significantly increased risks for early pregnancy opioid analgesic use and specific defects.
Thirty percent of women in early pregnancy will experience pain or bleeding.
Objective: To assess and document safety, efficacy and patient acceptability of Manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) in the management of early pregnancy loss (EPL), performed in the treatment room setting.
Couples who try to conceive shortly after an early pregnancy loss have a higher likelihood of a subsequent live birth than do those who wait 3 months or longer to try again, a study showed.
Methods: The prospective study was conducted from January to December, 2011, at Early Pregnancy Assessment Unit, King Faisal Military Hospital, Khamis Mushait, Saudi Arabia.
Uteroplacental vascular development and remodeling in early pregnancy is critical for embryonic growth and if impaired, it is associated with 30-50% embryonic loss during pregnancy in mammals including humans.
Barbieri's editorial on suspected nonviable pregnancy ("Stop using the hCG discriminatory zone of 1,500 to 2,000 mIU/mL to guide intervention during early pregnancy," January 2015) and other recent articles help guide our trainees to not "pull the trigger," so to speak, so quickly on early pregnancies with uncertain viability.
The current cattle livestock production systems require a reliable and effective method of diagnosing early pregnancy and abnormalities of the reproductive tract that would make it possible to substantially improve farms' economic results due to early detection of dry animals and causes of infertility.

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