early deceleration

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the sudden stopping of movement, a frequent mechanism of motion injury. Common causes of deceleration injury are motor vehicle accidents and falls.
early deceleration in fetal heart rate monitoring, a transient decrease in heart rate that coincides with the onset of a uterine contraction.
late deceleration in fetal heart rate monitoring, a transient decrease in heart rate occurring at or after the peak of a uterine contraction and resulting from fetal hypoxia.
variable d's in fetal heart rate monitoring, a transient series of decelerations in heart rate that vary in duration, intensity, and relation to uterine contractions; they are abrupt in onset and cessation and result from vagus nerve firing in response to stimuli such as umbilical cord compression in the first stage of labor.
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ear·ly de·cel·er·a·tion

slowing of the fetal heart rate early in the uterine contraction phase, denoting compression of the fetal head.
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The deceleration of the FVD model is faster than the measured data at the early deceleration stage, but the subsequent deceleration stage is slower than the measured data.
Early decelerations have slow onset that coincides with the start of the contraction and a slow return to the baseline that coincides with the end of the contraction.
Early decelerations are considered normal physiological events; on the other hand the late and prolonged decelerations are pathological events.