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A horizontal piercing through the bridge of the nose
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There may be a trust fund which goes to the holder of the earldom.
It is accordingly Spencer Senior who is rewarded with the earldom of Wiltshire, at the same point as the King first addresses him by his name; the apparent awkwardness of the double vocative in the first two lines quoted underlines the new intimacy of the relationship by juxtaposing the distant 'old man' with the personal 'Spencer'.
Lawrence country is called East Wood; Louis Cazamian becomes Cazanian; Edna Lyall and Edward Gibbon are both ungraciously called Ed; Lady Charlotte Bury married the Rector of Litchfield, not Lichfield, and Southey's wife was Edith, not Elizabeth; the Chinese statesman was not Chiang Kai-She, Carnera didn't beat Jack Sharbey, Castlerosse held no earldom of Kenntare, the sculptor Thornycroft's first name was not Hanro but Hamo, Mary Boyle was Lady Cork (not Corke), Disraeli is buried at Hughenden (not Hughendon), there was no Earl of Brist or an asylum called the Salpetriere; Clough's supposed Toper-na-Fuosich has three spelling mistakes; there was never a Celliers magazine; Alexander Gordon wrote Itinerarium Septentrionale, not the version on p.
Young Cedric Errol, an American boy, falls heir to an earldom and goes to England to claim it.
Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of The Apes" is an extraordinary saga that explores the dual nature of Tarzan as he struggles to repress his wild jungle instincts and become the civilized heir to an Earldom.
The earldom of Warwick was created in 1088 and the earls controlled the town in the medieval period and built town walls, of which Eastgate and Westgate survive.
Both Peter and Zara do not have royal titles because they are descendants of the female line and because Mark Phillips rejected the offer of an earldom after he married Anne.
YESTERDAY'S SOLUTIONS WEE THINKER ACROSS: 7 Earldom 9 Aspic 10 Lycra 11 Sapient 12 Coo 13 Sombrero 16 Likeness 17 Inn 19 Vivaldi 21 Cache 22 Train 23 Grimace.
The sisters also explored the village of Montbray, the home of Robert de Mowbray who was rewarded with the earldom of Northumberland for his part in the Conquest.
Devon Ravenel, a carefree bachelor, wants to rid himself of the responsibilities of the earldom, while Kathleen believes he should work to restore the nearly bankrupt holdings for the sake of his relatives, servants and tenant families.
They are working along the paths through Chester City and beyond towards the ancient earldom of Dudley and is a heart-warming experience of camaraderie in the face of threatened extinction.
That day came 11 years later, the Prince, now twenty, was invested by his mother, the Queen with the Insignia of his Principality of Wales and Earldom of Chester: a sword, coronet, mantle, gold ring and gold rod.