ear wax

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a plastic solid of plant or animal origin or produced synthetically. adj., adj wax´y.
bone wax a waxy substance used for packing small bone cavities, as in bones of the skull, and for controlling bleeding from them.
dental wax a mixture of two or more waxes with other additives, used in dentistry for casts, construction of nonmetallic denture bases, registering of jaw relations, and laboratory work.
ear wax cerumen.
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The soft, brownish yellow, waxy secretion (a modified sebum) of the ceruminous glands of the external auditory canal.
Synonym(s): ear wax, earwax
[L. cera, wax]
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ear wax

Audiology A yellow secretion from glands in the outer ear–cerumen that keeps the skin of the ear dry and protected from infectionVox populi → medtalk Wax blockage, see there.
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ear wax

The secretion of the ceruminous glands in the skin of the outer ear canal. Wax is a deterrent to small insects and traps dust. Over-production can lead to blockage of the canal and deafness which is easily corrected by wax removal.
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The market overview section encompasses all aspects of the Ear Wax Removal Kits Market, promoting or restraining its expansion.
Inserting anything from a pin, finger to even a cotton bud or Q-tip in the ear puts one at the risk of developing irritation in the ear as it pushes the ear wax further deep into the ear canal.
The second most common ENT presentation was ear wax (impacted cerumen).
If there is no infection but you have a tendency to ear wax build-up, your doctor can advise you on the best way to remove it (typically by using ear drops to soften the wax so it drains from the ear--a bulb syringe can also be used to gently flush out softened wax).
The Global Clinical Advisors for Special Olympics Healthy Hearing encourage individuals with intellectual disabilities to have their ears checked by a medical doctor for ear wax, once or twice a year and have a hearing evaluation by an audiologist/ENT specialist every one to five years.
Ear wax is supposed to be a big 'eeeew,' and should be regularly cleaned off, as we do the booger in our nose.
Various ENT diseases which are common in school going children include ear wax, CSOM, DNS, allergic rhinitis, rhino-sinusitis, pharyngitis, tonsillitis, otitis media, otitis media with effusion, and otitis externa.
[2] The concept of softening ear wax with the intention of facilitation of its removal dates back to 18th century.
-Not so much brain as ear wax." from Troilus & Cressida
Don't try to remove ear wax. Earwax helps protect your ear canal from infection: If you think that your ear canal is blocked by earwax, consult your doctor.
From WaxVac (ear wax cleaner) to ShamWow (a cloth that holds a lot of liquid), you need to check out what people who bought the products have said about them.
In case of Demodex infestation, there was severe inflammation and ear wax accumulation and the skin lesions from the face and neck were also positive for Demodex.