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Besides, this UHF ear tag can be printed with a customized logo and sequence number for different kinds of livestock tracking choice.
What's more, since each animal ear tag has its unique ID number, livestock owners can easily get the animal's information, such as feeding, location, vaccination, etc.
The Badger Trust said it was now clear that the practice of switching ear tags to foil bovine TB (bTB) controls was commonplace and not isolated, as first claimed.
The radio frequency identification device ear tag is already used in some speciality sales.
A FATHER and son involved in a BSE scam were caught after DNA discovered on a cow's ear tag was found to belong to another animal.
Game wardens take the bears ``to the backcountry and put an ear tag on them just to keep track of them,'' he said.
Some will have a green left ear tag marked 105607 and some have both left and right ears tagged.
Lee Reynolds, prosecuting for Powys County Council, said that there were about 200 milking cows on the 400-acre farm and during TB testing in 2009 ear tag discrepancies were discovered.
Brian Bolton, president and CEO of Allflex USA, the largest manufacturer of physical and electronic animal identification tags in the world, estimates 60 percent of all cattle in the United States wear an ID ear tag at some point in their production lives.
ANIMAL ID supplier Quicktag has announced expansion plans with ear tag manufacturer Datamars.
NASDAQ: KMGB), a global provider of specialty chemicals in carefully focused markets, today provided an update on the successful launch its new AVENGER([R]) insecticide cattle ear tag.
Most farmers will be blood-testing calves between six and nine months of age, at which point the mother is already back in calf, which defeats the object of the exercise," said Scott Brown, from Murray Farm Care, suppliers of the TypiFix ear tag package.