ear lobe

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1. a more or less well defined portion of an organ or gland.
2. one of the main divisions of a tooth crown.
azygos lobe (lobe of azygos vein) a small anomalous lobe situated at the apex of the right lung, produced when the azygos vein arches over the upper part of the lung instead of at the hilus and presses deeply into the lung tissue to form a fissure that isolates a medial part of the lung.
caudate lobe a small lobe of the liver between the inferior vena cava on the right and the left lobe.
ear lobe the lower fleshy, noncartilaginous portion of the external ear.
flocculonodular lobe one of the main subdivisions of the cerebellum, located inferiorly, consisting of the paired flocculi, their peduncles, and the nodule of the vermis.
frontal lobe the anterior portion of the gray matter of each cerebral hemisphere.
hepatic lobe one of the lobes of the liver, designated the right and left and the caudate and quadrate.
l's of lung the five major subdivisions of the lungs. see accompanying illustration and see lung.
The lobes of the lungs. From Frazier et al., 2000.
occipital lobe the most posterior portion of each cerebral hemisphere, forming a small part of its posterolateral surface. See illustration.
The occipital lobe of the brain. From Applegate, 2000.
parietal lobe the upper central portion of the gray matter of each cerebral hemisphere, between the frontal lobe and the occipital lobe and above the temporal lobe. It is the receptive area for fine sensory stimuli, and the highest integration and coordination of sensory information is carried on here. Damage to it can produce defects in vision or aphasia.
polyalveolar lobe a congenital disorder characterized in early infancy by the presence of far more than the normal number of alveoli in a lobe of the lungs; thereafter, normal multiplication of alveoli does not take place and they become enlarged, i.e., emphysematous.
quadrate lobe
2. a small lobe of the liver, between the gallbladder on the right, and the left lobe.
Riedel's lobe an anomalous tongue-shaped mass of tissue projecting from the right lobe of the liver in some individuals.
spigelian lobe caudate lobe.
temporal lobe a long tongue-shaped process that is the lower lateral portion of each cerebral hemisphere.
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lob·ule of au·ri·cle

the lowest part of the auricle; it consists of fat and fibrous tissue not reinforced by the auricular cartilage; it is often used as a site to obtain a small sample of blood with a lancet.
Synonym(s): lobulus auriculae [TA], ear lobe
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ear lobe

The soft, pendulous fleshy tissue at the lowest point of the external ear (pinna).
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Being less invasive and easily accessible, arterialised ear lobe blood does not necessitate the risks of arterial punctures.
Patient's pre-procedure photos show the zero gauge dilation of bilateral ear lobes.
Sentencing Reynard, Judge Sean Morris told him: "What you did is bite his ear lobe off, it's horrendous and cowardly as well.
A 8 year old male patient(fig.1a) who had undergone surgical reconstruction of Ear lobe for Microtia on the right side with Autologous costal cartilage and split thickness graft has been referred to the Department of Prosthodontics, TNGDC&H, Chennai for fabrication of Auricular stent.
Many of these ear lobe anomalies (70-100%) can be corrected by nonsurgical methods to look normal or nearly normal if identified and treated within the first few days of life.
Hearing those snippety scissors whizz past your ear lobe is enough to keep any pre-schooler rooted to the spot.
Also, the back or front of the earring can grow into your ear lobe if you don't care for your ears correctly.
Dear Editor, The do-gooders arrive in droves worrying about the safety of the Baby Peter killers, his mother, Tracey Connelly, Steven Barker, and his equally nefarious brother Jason Owen, a trio that inflicted more than 50 injuries on this poor child, broken ribs, broken back, a finger pulled off, an ear lobe ripped off.
A FOOTBALL fan suffered a torn ear lobe when he was attacked outside a Warwickshire pub.
Its next set touts its South Sea pearl on a drop-gorgeous feature of floral motifs that grace the wearer's ear lobe, glittering with diamonds, whose sparkle is designed to enhance the mystique of its pearls.
She is white, 5ft tall, of medium build with black, shoulder-length hair and has a stud piercing above her lip and in her left ear lobe.
It is likely that the very high venous pressures from steep Trendelenberg positioning provide ear lobe venous pulsations that were interpreted by the pulse oximeter as arterial in origin.