ear injury

acoustic trauma

A type of sensory hearing loss due to injury to the hearing mechanisms in the inner ear, caused by very loud noise.
Clinical findings
Partial, generally slowly progressive hearing loss, especially for high-pitched sounds, accompanied by ringing or other noises.
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The incident reportedly took place when the man rushed his young daughter to the centre because of an ear injury, court records showed.
Her dog suffered an ear injury and was treated by a vet but Ms Jennings did not seek medical attention.
With the help of EarSplintz, athletes and coaches can create near perfect molds of their own ears to prevent ear injury. The Cauliflower Ear Compression Splint can even be used for post-training pain.
"We are delighted, especially after he had the disappointment of missing out on the GBs with an ear injury."
The 33-year-old has been out since suffering a gruesome ear injury against Francisco Vargas.
She was taken to hospital to undergo treatment to the ear injury as well as significant bruising to her face, a broken nose and a fractured skull.
He suffered a serious ear injury, broken wrist and hand and one of his dogs suffered a shattered hip which required surgery.
From this evidence we can infer that the defendant inflicted the ear injury maliciously rather than negligently and thus committed mayhem.
Gardai recovered the body-part near Christchurch Cathedral in the early hours of Wednesday and brought it to St James's Hospital, where they inquired if anyone had been admitted with an ear injury.
According to the charges sheet, prosecutors said the power of the slap caused the accountant an ear injury and landed him down on the floor.