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ear infections,

n.pl infections of the ear usually triggered by bacteria or viruses, often occurring with infections of the throat or respi-ratory system. There are three types of ear infection: otitis externa (ear canal inflammation), otitis media (middle ear inflammation—the most common type), and otitis interna (inner ear inflammation—rare). Serious complications that can arise from ear infections include loss of hearing, a burst eardrum, and mastoiditis, a rare infection of the mastoid process.

Patient discussion about ear infections

Q. i suffer for ma chronic ear infection ! every time i take a shower i need to pay my mind that water does not go in and i'm tired of it ... every time a drop comes in i get an infection ! is there any thing out there that might help me ?

A. if ear plugs dos not help and you stile have an ear infection ,
try out the eardoc
it is a non invasive device for reliving the ear pain by opening the ear tube.,

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We aren't certain why these are the states with the highest prevalence, but pets usually get ear infections because of an underlying issue," says Kirk Breuninger, VMD, MPH, with the Banfield Applied Research & Knowledge team called BARK.
We are pleased to relaunch this important product that improves the lives of a large population of children and adults who suffer from ear infections," said Joseph C.
Repeated ear infections (for example, due to having several colds in a row) can lead to glue ear.
Ear infections can be very painful and if left untreated can harm both the ear canal and middle ear.
We're focused initially on trying to find parents whose kids get chronic ear infections.
They found that 216 of the children had a history of a recent ear infection.
It's imperative to get ear infections cleared up as soon as possible and not expect them to resolve on their own.
The vaccine - which targets the bacteria responsible for nearly one half of all ear infections - won't be delivered by a needle jab, but absorbed through the skin via a small, dime-sized patch.
8220;It is incredibly important to recognize and be aware of the symptoms associated with ear infections because they can often be a sign of an underlying disease or larger problem.
Consuming one child-friendly, bear-shaped supplement each day can help to prevent common ear infections and sore throats in children.
Babies may be predisposed to ear infections if they're exposed to certain combustion and industrial by-products while in the womb.