electron beam

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e·lec·tron beam

a form of radiation used principally in superficial radiotherapy. See: betatron.

e·lec·tron beam

(ĕ-lektron bēm)
Form of radiation used principally in superficial radiotherapy.


any of the negatively charged particles arranged in orbits around the nucleus of an atom and determining all of the atom's physical and chemical properties except mass and radioactivity. Electrons flowing in a conductor constitute an electric current; when ejected from a radioactive substance, they constitute the beta particles.

electron acceptor
see oxidant.
electron beam
the stream of electrons that flows from the anode to the cathode in the x-ray tube and then interacts with the tungsten target to produce x-rays.
electron carrier
a molecule associated with membrane-bound proteins that accepts and transfers electrons.
electron donor
electron micrographs
photographic images of electron microscopic fields.
electron microscope
see electron microscope.
electron microscopy
technology of using an electron microscope.
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Films for E-beam crosslinking studies were prepared by solution casting method.
Further research is needed to determine the resistance of foodborne pathogenic bacteria to E-beam irradiation following their adaptation to environmental stresses commonly encountered in food processing environments.
meat processors will offer frozen hamburger patties treated with E-beams.
E-beam wafer inspection systems are gaining popularity among semiconductor manufacturers because of their accuracy and flexibility.
The original e-beam equipment designs usually were based on experience gathered from research and development programs.
Utilizing electron beam technology, the process does not change product formulation or processing, E-Beam notes-- unlike many thermochemical processing methods, electron beam crosslinking is performed on the fully formed component or product.
ASELTA is excited about funding a joint laboratory with CEA-Leti in order to get access to leading edge e-beam equipment and validate its work on e-beam proximity effects correction," said Serdar Manakli, ASELTA CEO.
Up till 2011, LEONI Studer Hard proposed two sterilization services based on two technologies: gamma pallet sterilization and E-beam (box) sterilization.
Optical properties of the middle layer are controlled by measuring the reflected light spectra with Applied Film's Escosys and Optoplex systems and changing the E-beam evaporation accordingly.
The barrier is effected by a precision-controlled crosslinking process developed by E-Beam to enhance the thermoplastic molded containers and assemblies for lipsticks, compacts, jars, and bottles, the company explains.
SOKUDO is taking a comprehensive approach to being prepared for coat/develop track process readiness in multiple sub-22nm lithography technologies, including immersion ArF lithography extensions, EUV and e-beam lithography.
The materials can be sterilized with ethylene oxide and gamma or e-beam radiation.