dystrophia epithelialis corneae

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 [dis-tro´fe-ah] (Gr.)
dystrophia adiposogenita´lis adiposogenital dystrophy.
dystrophia epithelia´lis cor´neae dystrophy of the corneal epithelium, with erosions.
dystrophia myoto´nica myotonic dystrophy.
dystrophia un´guium changes in the texture, structure, and/or color of the nails due to no demonstrable cause, but presumed by some to be attributable to some disturbance of nutrition.
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dys·tro·phi·a e·pi·the·li·al·is cor·ne·ae

(dis-trō'fē-ă ep'i-thē-lē-ā'lis kōr'nē-ē)
A corneal dystrophy causing stromal edema and epithelial bullae, erosions, and scarring.
Synonym(s): Fuchs epithelial dystrophy.
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