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Pertaining to, or characterized by, dystopia.
See also: ectopic.


Pertaining to, or characterized by, dystopia.
See also: ectopic


(dĭs-tō′pē-ă) [″ + topos, place]
Malposition (1); displacement of any organ.

dystopia canthorum

Lateral displacement of the inner canthi of the eyes.
dystopic (-tŏp′ik), adjective
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In YA dystopic fiction, the defiant act is typically successful to a point.
In Noir Urbanisms Ranjani Mazumdar does a thoroughly persuasive analysis of three noir fringe movies on Bombay/Mumbai: Being Cyrus, Dombivli Fast, and No Smoking are, Mazumdar argues, dystopic fragments of cinema about urbanity.
By explaining grim contemporary circumstances as the outcome of the capitalist system and showing how the dystopic effects swirling in our collective unconscious relate, directly and indirectly, to the logics of capitalism, historical materialists demonstrate the explanatory power of totalizing.
So are we doomed to a dystopic future after all--a Hunger Games-like society where a tiny but powerful elite lives in luxury and splendor while the masses toil and starve?
It is set in a near dystopic future, mostly in the city of Sydney.
In Robert Yune's quirkily dystopic "Cottontails," an ambitious woman working in the field of product placement seeks to plant memory and desire in the mind of a college football player, who begins to have trouble recognizing what is real and what has been imagined for him.
It's a dystopic forest of fun to be enjoyed at the viewer's own risk.
Let's not become too Orwellian or dystopic - markets form where we want to buy and if they are there to serve us that can be a good thing.
Finally, in dystopic plot six, the recordings and teachings of Sonmi 451 are seen as divine oracles to a post-apocalyptic tribe battling xenophobia, religious fanaticism, and extinction.
His insights, borne of personal research, have been consistently dystopic but unerringly prophetic.
He's absolutely the center of this bloody horrorshow and it's to Lloyd's immense credit that his violently dystopic interpretation ultimately feels inevitable as it shines light into the play's often unplumbed depths.
The programme kicks off with a double-header on Monday, October 29th at 7:30pm when Bahraini director Isa Swain will be in attendance to introduce his dystopic zombie short Envy the Dead, a popular choice at the Gulf Film Festival earlier this year.