dysplastic nevus syndrome

dys·plas·tic ne·vus

a nevus exceeding 5 mm in diameter, with irregular, indistinct, or notched borders and mixed tan-to-black and pink-to-red color. Microscopically these are basally nested and scattered intraepidermal melanocytes with hyperchromatic nuclei larger than those of basal keratinocytes. If multiple and associated with a family history of melanoma, these nevi have a high risk of malignant change, but isolated dysplastic nevi in the absence of a family history of melanoma are less frequently premalignant.
See also: malignant mole syndrome.
See: dysplastic nevus syndrome.
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dys·plas·tic ne·vus syn·drome

(dis-plas'tik nē'vŭs sin'drōm)
Clinically atypical nevi having variable pigmentation and ill-defined borders, with an increased risk for development of cutaneous malignant melanoma; biopsies show melanocytic dysplasia.
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Dysplastic nevus syndrome

A familial syndrome characterized by the presence of multiple atypical appearing moles, often at a young age.
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"There's a condition called dysplastic nevus syndrome, where individuals with multiple clinically atypical looking moles need careful vigilance; again I'd recommend caution with sun exposure, and definitely avoiding burning."
Dysplastic nevus syndrome is a distinct disorder that is inherited in an autosomal dominant manner.
Sporadic dysplastic nevus syndrome is a spontaneous mutation that increases the relative risk of malignancy up to 46 times that of the general population, he said.
Long-term surveillance, however, is crucial for agminated blue nevi, especially if the individual has dysplastic nevus syndrome. If the involved nevi develop any features of atypia, a biopsy should be performed to assess for the development of a melanoma.
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