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Variant of dyslexic.
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In a similar vein, Kirk & Reid (2001) reported 50 % with dyslectic difficulties in a group of young offenders.
In spite of being a dyslectic, she proved to be a brilliant scholar, studied at Harvard Medical School in Boston and qualified in Medicine from Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, in 1927.
Die tekeninge sluit aan by sommige van Marley se ander werk, in besonder twee kunstenaarsboeke, naamlik The dyslectic ABC, waar hy onder andere met saamgestelde beelde en woordspel werk en No chopping sheep, met soortgelyke kenmerke, wat ook die resultaat van 'n spel tussen vader en seun is.
As Christofi explained, some dyslectic children may have slight learning difficulties, while others may be more severe cases, to the degree that their learning difficulty can be considered a disability.
Here she is Anna, a dyslectic, depressed Parisian beauty seeking help for marital troubles.