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Gunther et al., "Polymorphonuclear neutrophils promote dyshesion of tumor cells and elastase-mediated degradation of E-cadherin in pancreatic tumors," European Journal of Immunology, vol.
"Dyshesion of melanocytes is usually an indication of atypia....
A notable number of undifferentiated carcinomas were diagnosed as G3EC (19%; 7 of 36), which has a predominant, solid, sheetlike growth pattern with high-grade nuclear features, cellular dyshesion, and increased mitotic activity and can overlap morphologically with G3EC.
Group 2--those with CISM lesions characterized by small and uniform cells, either growing in a solid pattern with focal microacinar-like structures but with cellular dyshesion, or growing in a mosaic pattern with occasional intracytoplasmic vacuoles; Group 3--those with marked cellular pleomorphism and nuclear atypia, however, the LN discohesive pattern remains.