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defective blood formation. adj., adj dyshematopoiet´ic.
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Defective formation of the blood.
Synonym(s): dyshemopoiesis
[dys- + G. haima (haimat-), blood, + poiēsis, making]
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dyshemopoiesis (dis-hē'mă-tō-poy-ē'sis, -mō-poy-ē'sis)
Defective formation of the blood.
Synonym(s): dyshaematopoiesis.
[dys- + G. haima (haimat-), blood, + poiēsis, making]
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The improvement in hemotological parameters caused by yoga can benefit healthy individuals, anemic patients, and patients with dyshemopoiesis.
Yoga can be added to drug therapy to accelerate the improvement in hematological parameters in anemic patients and dyshemopoiesis. It can also prevent anemia in young healthy individuals who are predisposed to anemia as a result of acute hemorrhage, worms, excess menstruation, piles, and peptic ulcer.