defective blood formation. adj., adj dyshematopoiet´ic.
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Defective formation of the blood.
Synonym(s): dyshemopoiesis
[dys- + G. haima (haimat-), blood, + poiēsis, making]
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dyshemopoiesis (dis-hē'mă-tō-poy-ē'sis, -mō-poy-ē'sis)
Defective formation of the blood.
Synonym(s): dyshaematopoiesis.
[dys- + G. haima (haimat-), blood, + poiēsis, making]
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MDS is a clonal stem-cell disorder characterized by dyshematopoiesis and dysplasia of single or multiple blood cell lines causing progressive cytopenias.
The bone marrow slides were studied for cellularity, presence of dyshematopoiesis.
Bone marrow smears showed dyshematopoiesis in 50% of the patients of which megalodyserythropoiesis was the most frequent (25%).
The cytopenias are accompanied by dyshematopoiesis. The dyshematopoiesis presents with bizarre morphologies both in the peripheral blood and bone marrow.