dysfunctional labor

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dys·func·tion·al la·bor

(dis-fungk'shŭn-ăl lā'bŏr)
Presentation in which impedance or delay causes difficulty.
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dysfunctional labor

Abnormal progress of dilation and/or descent of the presenting part.
See also: labor
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As Cohen pointed out in a commentary accompanying a study of dysfunctional labor in women of advancing age, "the notion of a premium baby (ie, that the fetus of a woman with a reduced likelihood of having another pregnancy is somehow more deserving of being spared the rigours of labour than the fetus of a young woman) may play a role" in the high rate of cesarean delivery.
In our study interventions for primary dysfunctional labor before deciding about c/section included optimization of maternal well-being (hydration and pain relief); longer period of time (about 5-6 hrs) to allow labor to progress; Mobilization; and fetal monitoring.
Dysfunctional labor is a common problem, particularly in disadvantaged communities.
It would take volumes to describe all these dysfunctional labor arrangements.
"Maternal obesity is increasingly prevalent and is associated with high rates of dysfunctional labor and cesarean delivery, outcomes that are not completely attributable to high fetal weight," researchers led by Dr.

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