Inability of the retina and iris to accommodate well to varying intensities of light.
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, dysadaptation (dis-ap″tā′shŏn) (dis-ad″ap″tā′shŏn)
Impaired ability of the iris of the eye to accommodate to varying intensities of light.
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Increased avoidance leads to occupational dysadaptation. Occupational dysadaptation can hinder the development of learned reading skills and the ability to benefit from skills-based reading intervention.
Studies have shown that narcotization alters the social orientation of the personality- at the expense of a process of social and labor dysadaptation. With long-term course of addiction, it is set the irreversibility of the defect of personality, which is especially pronounced for chronic process.
It was concluded that the difference lay in host's response and that, kwashiorkor represented the theory of dysadaptation, i.e., adaptation failure, and good adaptation resulting in marasmus.