dynamis (dī′·n·mis),

n word coined by Hahnemann to describe an organism's life force (i.e., prana, ch'i, etc.) See also bioenergetics, dynamisation, life force, potency, potency energy, vital force, and Wesen.
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Singhal is the dynamic, young managing director of Dynamis Digital, a well-established digital marketing company based in Delhi serving a host of international clients.
OTCQB: FSNR) and Idaho, US-based technology development company Dynamis Energy, LLC have entered into an agreement to merge in an all-stick transaction, the companies said.
M2 EQUITYBITES-November 8, 2017-Freestone Resources, Dynamis Energy Merge in All-Stock Transaction
For example, the company supports a US partner, Dynamis, which in turn supports the entire national emergency services apparatus for Belgium--a nation of 10 million whose emergency services at the national level total over 4,000 users.
In addition, we performed a series of therapies with a 1,064 nm Nd:YAG laser (SP Dynamis, Fotona, Slovenia).
This results indicate that the microbial communities and dynamis in LCI site is different with LJA site and therefore may contribute in the taste establishment of produced sweet potato.
A revision of the genera Rhynchophorus and Dynamis (Coleoptera: Curculionidae).
The name dynamite is derived from the Greek word dynamis, meaning power.
Jerusalem) and Dynamis Solutions, LLC (Las Vegas, Nevada), will develop an automated heliostat cleaning system for concentrated solar plants, increasing electricity production and reducing operating costs.
Thus, Gadamer explains that "one must look for the dynamis [power] of the good in the manifold of what the dynamis of the good brings about--as, for instance, the dynamis of seeing consists in the manifold sights and nothing else.
Rosa; Balaguer I Periguell, Emilio: "La infancia como valor y como problema en las luchas sanitarias de principios de siglo en Espana", Dynamis, vol.
com)-- Dc Dynamis innovates with its Z-TEC and STEEL-TEC epoxy line.

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