dynamic viscosity

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dy·nam·ic vis·cos·i·ty (μ),

the internal or molecular frictional resistance of a fluid by Newton law of viscosity as the ratio of the applied force per unit area to the relative velocity of adjacent fluid layers (produced by the force).
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As the shear rate increases, the shear thinning nature of the silicone lowers the dynamic viscosity, as shown in figure 7 (red line):
At the highest phase change percentage, the average fluid temperature is the highest which translates to low dynamic viscosity.
The gas-liquid dynamic viscosity models were extended to oil-water two-phase flow by replacing the gas phase by the lower viscous phase, which corresponds to water in the present work.
According to Solvay Polymers, TC46-25 offers an excellent dynamic viscosity response and tailored antioxidant package that results in good processability.
We investigated the change in the electrical resistivity and the dynamic viscosity vs.
As demonstrated in "Influence of MAPP on the rheological properties of PP/MAPP binary blends" section, MAPP strongly influences PP matrix viscosity which should be taken into account when analyzing dynamic viscosity experiments.
Said to offer dynamic viscosity, KEG-2000 products exhibit higher viscosity under low shear stress (pumping and shutoff) and lower viscosity under high shear stress (injection).
The rheological properties of liquids are often determined by using simple devices (Bargel 2005, Atkins 2002, Schwarzl 1995) by the help of which the value of dynamic viscosity is determined, by measuring the discharge time through a calibrated hole under hydrostatic pressure of a certain volume of the liquid to be analyzed (Gutt, 2007), Despite the fact that both density and viscosity are two extremely important specific parameters for viscous flow determination, at present there are no devices performing concomitant determination (Gutt, 2009) of these two characteristics by using the same equipment and under identical conditions of temperature.
It offers a combined measurement of the kinematic and dynamic viscosity, as well as of the density of liquid.
Tenders are invited for Supply, Installation And Commissioning Of Automatic Digital Density Cum Dynamic Viscosity Meter At Netra,Greater Noida
Three temperature points (85[degrees]C, 100[degrees]C, and 115[degrees]C) were chosen to conduct isothermal experiment based on the results of dynamic viscosity.
Santoprene 121-XXM200 TPV grades are said to exhibit a low dynamic viscosity which results in enhanced flow over a wide range of shear to produce molded seals with excellent surface appearance and no flow marks.

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