dynamic gait index

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dy·nam·ic gait in·dex

(DGI) (dī-nam'ik gāt in'deks)
Assessment tool to measure a patient's ability to change gait with varying demands.
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dynamic gait index

Abbreviation: DGI
A semiquantitative tool used to evaluate a patient's ability to modify gait by changing task demands, esp. in patients with dizziness and balance deficits. This test is used to identify patients, esp. older adults, who are predisposed to falling. Patients are graded on their ability to vary speed, turn their heads, turn their bodies, step over and around obstacles, climb stairs, turn while walking, pick objects up from the floor, and perform alternate step-ups on a stool.
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Abbreviations: ABC = Activities-Specific Balance Confidence scale, ANOVA = analysis of variance, BBS = Berg Balance Scale, CoM = center of mass, DGI = Dynamic Gait Index, EMG = electromyography, FP = foot placement, GM = gluteus medius, VA = Department of Veterans Affairs.
Trata-se de uma pesquisa clinica, descritiva, de carater qualitativo e quantitativo para analisar os resultados obtidos a partir da aplicacao do Dynamic Gait Index (DGI) e Time Up and Go Test (TUGT), versao brasileira, em 60 voluntarios de ambos os generos e faixa etaria entre 60 e 83 (media= 68,57, com desvio padrao [+ or -] 5,94) anos de idade do Nucleo de Assistencia a Saude da Familia de Itabaiana --SE.
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Physical therapists are specialists in mobility problems who examine people to pinpoint the causes of walking difficulty, administer standardized outcome assessments such as walking speed, the Berg Balance Scale, and the Dynamic Gait Index to track improvement, and design and deliver individualized interventions to improve balance and walking.

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