dynamic friction

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dy·nam·ic fric·tion

the force that must be overcome to maintain steady motion of one body relative to another because they remain in contact. Compare: starting friction.
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(21.) Canudas-de-Wit, C., Tsiotras, P., Velenis, E., Basset, M., and Gissinger, G., "Dynamic Friction Models for Road/Tire Longitudinal Interaction," Vehicle System Dynamics 39:189-226, 2002.
The DFCs were plotted against the surface roughness (Ra parameter) of four PMMA specimens between the two stages of dynamic friction tests.
The employment of [[epsilon].sub.[mu]] avoids the convergence difficulties caused by the sudden "jump" from static friction to dynamic friction, and provides a continuous and smooth numerical transition between the stick state and sliding state, which corresponds to the physically observed microslip state [20].
As shown in Figure 4, the motion of a curved surface slider is characterized by at least three phases, which corresponds to different friction factors: [[mu].sub.0] is the static friction relative to the onset of motion; [[mu].sub.dyn] = [mu] is the dynamic friction during the sliding with velocity similar to the design one; [[mu].sub.1] is the friction factor corresponding to the change of velocity sign.
However, for a stuck valve, static and dynamic friction components must be taken into account.
At each testing iteration we were selecting dynamic friction from the range of 0,3 to 0,7.
The force required to engrave the rifling into the bullet is relatively small, compared to the dynamic friction of an obturated bullet.
The static friction force and the dynamic friction force are calculated from the following, respectively.
This oil also had the highest SFI, along with the highest dynamic friction index (DFI) and stop time index (STI).
The drag between layers is determined by the pellet shape, size, randomness of shape, and the dynamic friction coefficient between pellets.
The fracture energy, Gc, which is the work done on the fault plane before reaching the dynamic friction, is better constrained.
Static & Dynamic Friction for films & foils, Tensile Tester for elongation or compression, Softening point & Heat deflection with the HDT/Vicat equipment to name but a few.

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