dynamic compliance

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dy·nam·ic com·pli·ance

(dī-nam'ik kŏm-plī'ăns)
Compliance measured during cyclic variations in the volume of a distensible vessel; the ratio of the change in volume to the change in distending pressure when the pressure change is measured between points in time at which the rate of volume change is zero.
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dynamic compliance

A measure of the ease of lung inflation with positive pressure.
See also: compliance
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GH: growth hormone; IGF-I: insulin-like growth factor I; ULNV: upper limit normal value; R0: intercept resistance; Rm: mean resistance; S: resistance curve angular coefficient; Fr: resonance frequency; Xm: mean reactance; Cdyn: dynamic compliance of the respiratory system; Zrs4Hz: impedance module at 4 Hz.
In this investigation, focus is placed on the modelling of dynamic compliance of fixture/workpiece interface.
As resistance is a measure of both static and dynamic compliance, as well as the tube internal diameter, changes in resistance will be reflected in the mean airway pressure, peak inspiratory pressure and plateau pressures.
The dynamic compliance coefficient, [C.sub.M], of the rocking vibration of a strip foundation can be expressed as follows [27]:
We had critically read the paper by Marcus et al (2002), who randomised 20 anaesthetised children under two years of age to receive either a timed recruitment manoeuvre (30 cm[H.sub.2]O for 10 seconds using 33% oxygen in nitrous oxide), or three minutes of 100% inspired oxygen at the same ventilatory parameters The group receiving 100% inspired oxygen experienced a 9% decrease in dynamic compliance at three minutes, whilst the recruitment manoeuvre (33% oxygen) produced a 30% increase in dynamic compliance at one minute after the procedure.
Dynamic compliance (x 10-6 cm/dyne, 100 Hz): 10.0/mN

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