dynamic balance

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dy·nam·ic bal·ance

(dī-nam'ik bal'ăns)
The ability to anticipate and react to changes in balance as the body moves through space.
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The Dynamic Balance Fund involves special risks, including but not limited to, options and futures transactions.
A setter should adjust his or her feet even when the ball is passed directly to him or her because that dynamic balance scenario will, in fact, remain constant.
Data are means ([+ or -] SD) Groups Exercise Control Variables Pre- test Post- test Pre- test Dynamic Balance (angle) 10.
Akron, OH 44305 Phone: (216) 784-1251 Instrumentation: Tire uniformity equipment, noncontact runout and bulge/depression measuring devices, SPC systems, tire endurance testing, tire dynamic balance machines Services Offered: Technical service, training, software programs
Its ongoing strength results from the maintenance of a dynamic balance between the judicial, legislative and executive branches.
In application, when the part is rotating around a central axis, the additional pad can be added on the opposite side to maintain dynamic balance.
Comparison of static and dynamic balance of youth goalball and track and field athletes with visual impairments: Case study.
25-inch Dynamic Balance drivers and a performance tuned rear firing bass port for more powerful bass.
Note:- 1 Other Maunfacturers Should Submit Dynamic Balance Certificate Of The Supplied Material From Govt.
They've promised to disclose a summary of the dynamic balance sheet and take it into consideration," a source familiar with the discussions said.
Tom Burns, chief distribution officer with Allianz Life, said, 'inclusion of the US Dynamic Balance Index gives our products a powerful combination for consumers looking for protection with accumulation potential based on the performance of an external index.

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