dynamic balance

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dy·nam·ic bal·ance

(dī-nam'ik bal'ăns)
The ability to anticipate and react to changes in balance as the body moves through space.
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Banks with restructuring plans approved and signed off after the end of 2013 will be doing stress tests based on both static and dynamic balance sheets," it added.
Being a highly dynamic activity, field hockey also demands good dynamic balance.
To our knowledge, no study has used balance-improving exercises to determine whether they result in an improvement in dynamic balance in children with visual impairments.
The analyses revealed no significant differences in any of the physiological measurements of dynamic balance, flexibility, muscular strength or reaction time, (Wilks' Lambda=.
Dynamic balance is the ability to remain balanced while moving.
Works on: This exercise requires extreme core (abdominal) and lower-body strength, plus dynamic balance.
A lulling mid-section provided dynamic balance, with clustered dancers rippling slowly beneath a radiantly lit fog.
Each unit is tested for positioning, table flatness, parallelism, and dynamic balance.
To attain a truly dynamic balance, you have to forget 'one-day solutions.
In application, when the part is rotating around a central axis, the additional pad can be added on the opposite side to maintain dynamic balance.
Meldrum and Finn defined balance as the ability for maintaining dynamic balance while doing functional activities [5].
Other measures like static and dynamic balance, ankle, knee and hip strength, daily living activities, and quality of life were also measured recognised scales.

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