dynamic assessment

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dy·nam·ic as·sess·ment

(dī-nam'ik ă-ses'mĕnt)
1. A process used in intervention that tests a hypothesis generated within the evaluation process facilitating evaluation of intervention efficacy.
2. Assessing the interaction involving the person, the environment, and the activity to understand more about that person's approach to a given activity; allows for adjustments in the intervention plan.
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Over the past 3 years, we have developed and field-tested a computer-based dynamic assessment of multidigit, multiplication facts for secondary-school-level students with mild disabilities (Semmel, Gerber, & Semmel, 1992).
The goal of this research project was to investigate the use of dynamic assessment to increase equity, fairness, and accuracy in the testing of abilities and achievement.
This article discusses a variety of alternative assessment approaches, including renorming a test for the specific population being tested, using dynamic assessment techniques to assess a child's modifiability, using other nonstandardized measures, and modifying standardized tests.
However, there are few if any competitors for the system that is called Dynamic Assessment (diagnosis) and Instrumental Enrichment (mediation or "remediation").
In this report, we also suggest that one possible avenue for progress in assessment would center on integrative and dynamic assessment techniques that would comprehensively capture the nature of children's learning, minimize validity concerns related to context and culture, and evaluate how competencies in different developmental domains interact for optimal learning.
Implications for dynamic assessment and intervention are discussed, and service delivery models, metapragmatics, and the role of communication are addressed.
Richard Duran discusses the psychometric and dynamic assessment procedures currently available for special education "diagnosis.
Next, Ningbo Engineering Company to continue to strengthen the subcontract management, strengthen the dynamic assessment, good project risk assessment, strengthen risk prevention and control, and constantly enhance the company's competitiveness, increasing the value of state assets.
As such, dynamic assessment is required, as new warnings need to be evaluated alongside other active conditions to prioritize and allocate resources.
Dynamic assessment is an interactive assessment that can provide students with both timely and process-oriented feedback (Campione & Brown, 1990; Haywood & Lidz, 2007).
But he conceded that there had been a "serious error" on the day of the march and that the dynamic assessment of soldiers' safety conducted by commanders on July 13 had failed.
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