dynamic computed tomography

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dy·nam·ic com·put·ed to·mog·ra·phy

computed tomography with rapid injection of contrast medium, usually with sequential scans at only one or a few levels; used to enhance the vascular compartment.
Synonym(s): dynamic CT
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Dynamic CT scanning showed a thin wall with slight contrast, but there was no contrast of the cyst content.
In particular, Sonazoid-enhanced ultrasound was superior to dynamic CT in detecting metastatic liver lesions measuring 1 cm or smaller, indicating that Sonazoid-enhanced ultrasound may be a sensitive tool for following up colorectal cancer patients after primary treatment.
Neurology: Rapid, comprehensive stroke assessment with whole brain perfusion and dynamic CT angiography at very low dose.
It has been reported that large peripancreatic pseudoaneurysms can be displayed by dynamic CT scan or color Doppler sonography, but small pseudoaneurysms can be displayed only by angiography.
Abdominal ultrasonography and dynamic CT were performed at 3-month intervals.
Single slice dynamic CT imaging can be accomplished for the breathing cycle, but the image is degraded, incomplete, and not entirely suitable for repeated aquisition.
Fujimura Y, Nishishita C, Iida M, et al: Lymphangioma of the colon diagnosed with an endoscopic ultrasound probe and dynamic CT.
Fairview uses the Aquilion ONE with Toshiba's advanced dose reduction technology, AIDR 3D, to perform whole brain perfusion and dynamic CT angiography and conduct general exams with less radiation dose in the emergency department.
Researchers used 320-detector row dynamic CT angiography to study the facial allografts of patients one year after successful transplantation.
Blood flow to the tumors decreased on dynamic CT measures and PET scans indicated a trend toward reduced tumor metabolism in patients who received daily endostatin infusion.
Additionally, having the ability to conduct dynamic CT angiography over a one-minute sequence allows for the detection of a range of neurological diseases such as brain tumors, carotid-cavernous fistulas, patients with trauma or an altered mental state and other subtle abnormalities, such as rapid blood flow.

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