dynamic computed tomography

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dy·nam·ic com·put·ed to·mog·ra·phy

computed tomography with rapid injection of contrast medium, usually with sequential scans at only one or a few levels; used to enhance the vascular compartment.
Synonym(s): dynamic CT
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Although several studies have reported the general imaging features of BCAs (14-17) and MEs (18, 19), only a few have dealt with their enhancement pattern on dynamic CT and MRI examinations including two-phase CT (16, 20-22).
(17) Patients with a spinal extradural fluid collection (Figure 4) should have a follow-up dynamic CT myelogram.
According to the company, the Viz CTP offers image processing software to view and analyze functional and dynamic CT perfusion images.
However, dynamic CT is practically difficult because of the requirements for high spatial resolution and temporal resolution.
Noncontrast enhanced CT revealed a right renal stone and a complicated cyst in the upper pole of her right kidney, which was categorized as a Bosniak type IIF cyst on dynamic CT, with a maximum diameter of 58 mm (Figure 1).
On the eighth day, an abdominal dynamic CT scan showed a sausage-like, ring-enhanced right retroperitoneal mass with a diameter of 27 mm, which was distinct from the right ovarian vein (Figure 1).
The first patient, who was a man in his late seventies with an unremarkable previous medical history, presented with isovascular nodule accompanied by slow venous wash-out on abdominal dynamic CT in the left lobe of liver.
Planning CEUS was performed for poorly conspicuous HCCs (probably identifiable, but not with confidence) or invisible HCCs on B-mode US that were visible with dynamic CT or MRI.
Hori, "Effect of Contrast Material Injection Duration and Rate on Aortic Peak Time and Peak Enhancement at Dynamic CT Involving Injection Protocol with Dose Tailored to Patient Weight," Radiology, vol.
integrated discriminative features from current and prior visual appearance models into a random forest classifier to automatically segment 3D kidneys from dynamic CT images.
Solitary pulmonary nodule: Preliminary study of evaluation with incremental dynamic CT. Radiology 1995;194:399-405.
Dynamic CT scanning showed a thin wall with slight contrast, but there was no contrast of the cyst content.

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