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duiker, duyker

small (up to 50 lb) antelope. Includes gray duiker (Sylvicapre grimmia) and Cephalophus spp.
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The author of 17 books, Sydney-based academic Edward Duyker specialises in Pacific exploration and natural sciences, and also wrote a biography of another French explorer, Marc-Joseph Marion Dufresne (who had a rather more torrid time in New Zealand than d'Urville).
For example, Julien Crozet described the Tasmanians' hair as 'tied in rolled knots and powdered with ochre' (in Duyker, 1992: 25).
LE MAIRE, Jacques, 1999, Mirror of the Australian Navigation, facsimile of original Dutch printing of 1622 with introductory essay by Edward Duyker and English text by Alexander Dalrymple of 1770, Hordern House, Sydney.
Duyker, Edward: Nature's Argonaut: Daniel Solander 1733-1782: naturalist and voyager with Cook & Banks.
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Dr Edward Duyker, a graduate of La Trobe and Melbourne universities, is the current New South Wales History Fellow and a member of the RAHS.
Ulricht van Duyker (4-6) and Matthew Collins (4-37) ensured Rainhill could only make 104 all out from 31.