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fine, dry particles of earth or any other substance small enough to be blown by the wind. See also coniosis and pneumoconiosis.
blood dust hemoconia.
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1. Fine, dry particles of matter.
2. A cloud of fine, dry particles.
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Occupational medicine A suspension of solid particles in air. See Coal dust, Inhalant, Nonasbestos dust, Nuclear dust.
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Patient discussion about dust

Q. My friend told me that people who allergic to dust are actually allergic to small insect. Is he fooling with me?

A. thanks :)

Q. how exactly dust effects on asthmatic people? how can one avoid a dust environment?

A. some people try to dust proof there home,they change there matress once a year-----thay do not have rugs in there home---no curtains or draps --and they have someone else dust and clean/no pets.some people keep there pets and take allergie meds.

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At $39 (Dh143), it wasn't outrageously priced for a home accessory, but it was way more than I'd ever consider paying for a dustpan. (And I'd never considered buying a table brush set, which this was, at all.) And then Pinterest sent me down the rabbit hole: a persimmon-tannin-coated pan designed and made in Japan.
Finding the right manufacturer for their collapsible dustpan also took time.
Wooden floors need regular sweeping; an Iris Hantverk Tall Dustpan & Brush Set, PS55, John Lewis, will stop the job being backbreaking.
Great Lakes made a significant investment in converting the former dustpan dredge to a world-class heavy-duty rock cutter suction dredge, it said.
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The EZ Leaf Hauler moves mountains of leaves in minutes by working like a giant dustpan. The EZ Leaf Hauler is a modified tarp that uses tent construction technology to form sides and a back, and comes equipped with stitched handles for easy hauling and dumping.
I scrape up a dustpan of these and throw them on the fire.
Removing the need for dustpan, mop and bucket, the compact kit from 3M contains everything needed to clear up a spill in one handy box.
Casabella launched Karim Rashid-designed broom and dustpan sets in periwinkle, lime and fuchsia.
Having to bend over with the dustpan to pick up the pile, of course.