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fine, dry particles of earth or any other substance small enough to be blown by the wind. See also coniosis and pneumoconiosis.
blood dust hemoconia.
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1. Fine, dry particles of matter.
2. A cloud of fine, dry particles.
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Occupational medicine A suspension of solid particles in air. See Coal dust, Inhalant, Nonasbestos dust, Nuclear dust.
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Patient discussion about dust

Q. My friend told me that people who allergic to dust are actually allergic to small insect. Is he fooling with me?

A. thanks :)

Q. how exactly dust effects on asthmatic people? how can one avoid a dust environment?

A. some people try to dust proof there home,they change there matress once a year-----thay do not have rugs in there home---no curtains or draps --and they have someone else dust and clean/no pets.some people keep there pets and take allergie meds.

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However we were all staggered when 'The Naked Chefs' raised pounds 1,200.Lewis and Trevor are busying dusting off their cookery books to get ready for the evening, which is certainly going to be interesting."
After the defeats of 2004, gay and lesbian America is picking itself up, dusting off the dirt that's been thrown at us, and refusing to give in so easily ever again.
FORMER Liverpool defender Alan Kennedy and exManchester City star Gary Owen are dusting off their footie boots tomorrow to take part in a football tournament to raise awareness of testicular cancer.
Ageing rockers on Teesside are dusting off their instruments for a one-off gig.
The MTA is dusting off its dynamite and hardhats because construction of the long-stalled and much-needed Second Avenue Subway is finally ready to begin.
The sum musical parts of these two records forced me to seriously consider dusting off the Bible and moving back to the hills.--R Henry