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fine, dry particles of earth or any other substance small enough to be blown by the wind. See also coniosis and pneumoconiosis.
blood dust hemoconia.


1. Fine, dry particles of matter.
2. A cloud of fine, dry particles.


Occupational medicine A suspension of solid particles in air. See Coal dust, Inhalant, Nonasbestos dust, Nuclear dust.

Patient discussion about dust

Q. My friend told me that people who allergic to dust are actually allergic to small insect. Is he fooling with me?

A. thanks :)

Q. how exactly dust effects on asthmatic people? how can one avoid a dust environment?

A. some people try to dust proof there home,they change there matress once a year-----thay do not have rugs in there home---no curtains or draps --and they have someone else dust and clean/no pets.some people keep there pets and take allergie meds.

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While wet rock dusting has been around for decades, foam rock dust has been around for at least 11 years (see U.S.
Which of the three fingerprinting methods--dusting with baby powder, dusting with salt, or not dusting--lifted the best print?
Limestone is an excellent material for rock dusting, as it acts as a heat sink in a fire when scoured from the ribs, roof and floor of an underground coal mine.
After the 2010 coal mine explosion at the Upper Big Branch mine that claimed the lives of 29 miners [Fiscor 2011], long-established rock dusting practices and the quality of rock dust have undergone increased scrutiny.
MSHA's latest crackdown is a response to the agency's findings related to the Upper Big Branch (UBB) mine explosion, where rock dust samples indicated there was an insufficient amount of rock dusting and insufficient amounts of incombustible materials in the sampled rock dust.