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(hwēt) [AS. hwaete]
Any of various cereal grasses, widely cultivated for its edible grain used in making flour. Wheat preparations and pastas include macaroni, vermicelli, and noodles, which are made from flour and water, molded, dried, and slightly baked. They are easy to digest.


Wheat is composed of the husk or outer coat, which is removed before grinding; bran coats, which are removed in making white flour and contain the mineral substances; gluten, which contains the fat and protein; and starch, the center of the kernel. Refined wheat products do not include the bran and germ, which contain B complex vitamins, phosphorus, and iron.

Individuals who are gluten intolerant (e.g., persons with celiac sprue) cannot digest the protein gluten found in wheat.

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Q. I am a NIDDM diabetic and my diet primarily consists of items which are prepared using wheat. Hello, I am a NIDDM diabetic and my diet primarily consists of items which are prepared using wheat. I do not eat rice and potatoes as I follow the diet pattern provided by my doctor and it works well for me most of the times. However I feel tempted and could not always stick to the diet that has been prescribed to me. I feel that I need to try eating different items and at the same time do not wish to fall in to a trap. I knew I am trying to go out of the way but I just cannot resist with the existing methodology and wish how I could change the current situation. I get tempted when I go to parties or food festivals and I am being upset. Infact I do love taking sweets and I have not tried anything silly so far. I do not want to take any risk but just wanted to know from the fellow members here that is there any possibility that I could try some sweet? Any suggestions?

A. daronstorm, there are wonderful diabetic cakes that you can eat!! my best friend is diabetic and she is also an excellent cook. she has dozens of different recipes for diabetic cakes and cookies. she uses sugarless sweeteners and also sugarless candies.
here are some links i found just by googling "diabetic desserts" -

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