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du·ra·tion (D),

A continuous period of time.


the length of time a current is flowing. Also called pulse width.


Public health Any unanticipated event that requires urgent response, bringing people and/or property out of harm's way in order to minimize loss of life or destruction of property; disasters are described by certain parameters Vox populi A cataclysmic event in which there is a loss of multiple lives and/or major property damage. See Climatologic disaster, Geological disaster, Man-made disaster, Natural disaster, Tsunami.
Disaster classifications
Nature, ie either
1. Natural, geophysical–eg earthquakes, volcanoes or weather-related–eg floods, hurricanes.
2. Man-made–transportation-related, structural collapse, war, hazardous materials, explosions, fires
Location Single site–eg explosion or multiple sites–eg hurricanes
Predictability Regular–eg hurricane season or sporadic–eg toxic spill
Onset Gradual–eg armed conflict or abrupt–eg accident
Duration Brief–eg natural disaster or extended–eg armed conflict
Frequency Often–eg flood, or rare–eg fire


A continuous period of time.

Patient discussion about duration

Q. I am scheduled for scope surgery for a torn meniscus on my knee and what is the duration for recovery? Has anyone had this surgery for a torn meniscus? How did you deal with this recovery?

A. The recovery process is individual, and you cannot predict it in advance. I know someone who has done it and was able to go back to exercising regularly after 2 months. I would think the recovery from the surgery itself is a matter of few weeks until you can walk properly, however you should still give your knee a break and rest for a while after.

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A younger average issue age distribution linked with a low average face amount per life will generally have less stringent underwriting requirements and likely flatter durational slope.
As far as the duration is concerned, it was observed that the execution of both the syllables took longer when produced by the female members of the study sample, where the durational values range between 0.
Indeed, I would go as far as to suggest that it is one that is likely raised by a number of spectators whenever a performer undertakes durational work of this kind, if for no other reason than that spectators themselves may need to urinate and must wonder--in the same way one often questions their own capabilities in relation to any virtuosic performance--how on earth this durational containment is accomplished.
In West and Equatorial studies we have developed a 'wealth in people' theme alongside 'wealth in things' (Guyer 1995b): networks, allies, dependable human resources, information, expertise and so on, all of them durational qualities and relationships that are cultivated and preserved at some expense.
The data indicate that durational contrast between long and short vowels is very much prominent and distinctive.
Durational residence requirements can serve several legitimate purposes.
Analysis of durational deviations in construction projects carried out under the old and current public laws
On the subject of durational time and consent Thompson noted that "[t]o say that the election must have been made before, or immediately at the [D]eclaration of [I]ndependence, would render the right nugatory.
Cultivars behaved differently in this regard due to different genetic makeup; long durational cultivar (LS-08) observed more plant height than short durational cultivar TD-1 and these results are in line with those of Shahzad et al.
Before examining the durational characteristics of the diphthongs we will test our third hypothesis concerning the realization of triphthongs.
The draft REO would add a durational requirement along the lines of the Fall River ordinance by requiring contractors to obtain a new certificate from the state every 90 days.
If we understand the description as pure perceptive material, then the un-textual abstract point of perception is a purely spiritual memory without any chronological or durational time.