duration tetany

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1. continuous tonic spasm of a muscle; steady contraction of a muscle without distinct twitching.
2. a syndrome manifested by sharp flexion of the wrist and ankle joints (carpopedal spasm), muscle twitchings, cramps, and convulsions, sometimes with attacks of stridor. It is due to abnormal calcium metabolism, and occurs with hypofunction of the parathyroid glands, vitamin D deficiency, and alkalosis, and also as a result of ingestion of alkaline salts. Treatment varies according to the cause and is usually successful. It may include the administration of vitamin D, calcium, parathyroid hormone, or other remedies. In chronic cases, as in the loss of the parathyroid glands, treatment may have to be continued indefinitely.
duration tetany a continuous tetanic contraction in response to a strong continuous current, occurring especially in degenerated muscles.
gastric tetany a severe form due to disease of the stomach, attended by difficult respiration and painful tonic spasms of the limbs.
hyperventilation tetany tetany produced by forced inhalation and exhalation continued for a considerable time.
latent tetany tetany elicited by the application of electrical and mechanical stimulation.
parathyroid tetany (parathyroprival tetany) tetany due to removal or hypofunctioning of the parathyroid glands.
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du·ra·tion tet·a·ny

(dūr-ā'shŭn tet'ă-nē)
A tonic spasm occurring in degenerated muscles on application of a strong galvanic current.
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duration tetany

Continuous contraction, esp. in degenerated muscles, in response to a continuous electric current.
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