durable power of attorney

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durable power of attorney

(dūr'ă-bĕl pow'ĕr ă-tŏr-nē),
A legally qualified advance directive that gives one other person, and often an alternate as well, the authority to make medical decisions should the person signing the advance directive become incompetent and require medical care.

durable power of attorney

Continuing power of attorney Death & health care An 'advance directive' document that allows Pts to appoint a surrogate decision-maker to implement preferences for continued life support in the event of incapacitation. See Advance directive, Euthanasia, Living will.

ad·vance di·rec·tive

(ăd-vans' dĭr-ek'tiv)
A legal document with written instructions signed by the patient (or the patient's designee if the patient cannot sign) stating the type of care measures and services that are or are not to be provided to prolong life in the event of a life-threatening illness.
Synonym(s): durable power of attorney (1) .

liv·ing will

(liv'ing wil)
Legal document used to indicate one's preference to die rather than be sustained artificially if sick or injured beyond the prospect of recovery.
See: advance directive
Synonym(s): durable power of attorney (2) .
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The trial court found the durable power of attorney effective and granted Shoemaker the right to Collins' remains.
The use of a broadly drawn durable power of attorney may negate the necessity of petitioning the local court for appointment of a guardian or conservator to handle the principal's assets.
It is therefore very important that elderly persons execute this durable power of attorney while they are mentally alert and have the capacity to grant such a power to another person.
A durable power of attorney designates a representative, such as your spouse or adult child, to perform certain actions for you should you become ill, incapacitated, or otherwise unable to manage your affairs.
2) "The holder of a family durable power of attorney is appointed by the donor of the power, and essentially performs the same functions as would a court appointed guardian.
There are different kinds, such as the living will and the durable power of attorney for health care.
The following sections address: (1) constitutional rights of people with disabilities; (2) outreach and identification strategies; (3) exploring the limits of community living (personal stories); (4) first meeting and initial planning; (5) identification of barriers and advocacy strategies; (6) housing; (7) states' use of home health, the Personal Care Services benefit, and waivers; (8) general guidelines for nursing facility transition; (9) a timeline for activities for transition; (10) developing a safety plan; and (11) cognitive impairment, guardianship, durable power of attorney, and Adult Protective Services.
The NCLR Essential Documents packet provides basic information about these documents--including wills and trusts, documents protecting choices of medical care, autopsy and disposition of remains, hospital visitation authorization, durable power of attorney for finances, authorization for consent to medical treatment of a minor, and nomination of guardian for a minor--as well as sample forms.
A durable power of attorney remains effective until the principal revokes it or dies.
In addition to allowing for continuity of management and safeguarding the principal's assets in the event of incapacity, a durable power of attorney can be particularly useful for estate and other tax planning purposes.
solid index] Have a durable power of attorney for property and for health care.

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