durable medical equipment regional carrier

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dur·a·ble med·i·cal e·quip·ment re·gion·al car·ri·er

(DMERC) (dūr'ă-bĕl med'i-kăl ĕ-kwip'mĕnt rē'jŭn-ăl kar'ē-ĕr)
A private company in the U.S. that contracts with Medicare to pay bills for durable medical equipment.
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On Friday, March 30, 2001, PolyMedica's attorneys succeeded in communicating with the DOJ regarding misinformation in press reports and ongoing discussions the Company has had with the Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carriers ("DMERCs").
Carriers then transitioned to Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carriers (DMERCs) during the '90s.
Few SNFs have expertise with the complexities involved, with most Part B bills processed currently by Durable Medical Equipment Regional Carriers (DMERCs), a group of four insurance companies contracted by HCFA to process Part B claims.
CMS (formerly HCFA) staff is working on a Program Memorandum to be distributed to carriers such as the durable medical equipment regional carriers (DMERC) in January 2002.

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