durable medical equipment

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necessary tools or provisions.
durable medical equipment nonexpendable articles primarily used for medical purposes in cases of illness or injury; this includes hospital beds, respirators, walkers, and apnea monitors.

dur·a·ble med·i·cal equip·ment

(DME) (dūr'ă-bĕl med'i-kăl ĕ-kwip'mĕnt)
Rented or purchased medical equipment ordered by a health care provider for use in the home. These items must be reusable (e.g., hospital beds, wheelchairs, lifts).

durable medical equipment

(door′ă-bĕl, dūr′),


Assistive devices used by patients, e.g., walkers, electric beds, and bedside commodes.
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The company is widely regarded as one of the fastest-growing manufacturers and distributors of durable medical equipment in the United States and throughout the world.
Couple this with the ruling made in 1996 by the Department of Health and Human Services that the durable medical equipment supplier could no longer be reimbursed for pharmacy services unless they were a licensed pharmacy.
Personal care services, durable medical equipment, unskilled in-home nursing care, prescription drugs, nursing home stays, and other long-term care services are urgently required.
StateServ is a durable medical equipment benefit management provider offering a technology-enabled cost containment platform for the post-acute care market.
The University Health System (System) is soliciting proposals for respiratory services and durable medical equipment within Bexar County for its CareLink members and medically
-- Federal rules covering health record privacy, durable medical equipment and Medicare Part B threaten retail pharmacy, according to the National Association of Chain Drug Stores.
The payment is for all services, except durable medical equipment, including the costs for continuous OASIS assessments and nonroutine medical supplies previously billed separately to Medicare Part B.
24 February 2017 - US-based durable medical equipment solutions provider Hospice Cloud has acquired US-based home medical equipment provider Genesis Healthcare Services, the company said.
Reliable is a full service home medical equipment company that delivers respiratory, sleep, mobility and durable medical equipment products and services to customers in the New York and New Jersey metro market.

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