duplicating film

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duplicating film

a single-emulsion film used to copy an existing radiographic image by exposing it to ultraviolet light.


1. a thin layer or coating.
2. a thin sheet of material (e.g. gelatin, cellulose acetate) specially treated for use in photography or radiography; used also to designate the sheet after exposure to the energy to which it is sensitive.

film badge
a radiographic film worn as a badge and used for detection and approximate measurement of radiographic exposure of personnel.
film changing device
enables the radiographer to change films quickly when a series of shots is being used, e.g. angiography.
copy film
film with a special reversal emulsion so that a contact print can be made with white light. Called also duplicating film.
dental film
nonscreen film used in dental radiography.
duplicating film
see copy film (above).
flat film
a film lacking in radiographic contrast.
gelatin film
a sterile, nonantigenic, absorbable, water-insoluble coating used as an aid in surgical closure and repair of defects in the dura mater and pleura and as a local hemostatic.
film label
details of the animal examined and when and where the examination took place. Usually made on the x-ray by photographic means or by using radiopaque tape.
film marker
any device, usually lead letters, placed on the film to indicate which part of the animal was examined and the projection used.
nonscreen film
film for getting very fine detail, used without a cassette and requiring long exposure time. This film is now banned in some parts of the world.
plain film
an x-ray film taken without contrast medium or other special effects. Often an exploratory or scout film.
spot film
a radiograph of a small anatomic area obtained (1) by rapid exposure during fluoroscopy to provide a permanent record of a transiently observed abnormality, or (2) by limitation of radiation passing through the area to improve definition and detail of the image produced.
standard film
fine-grain, medium-speed with wide tolerance for exposure times.
x-ray film
film sensitized to x-rays, either before or after exposure.