duodenal diverticulum

du·o·de·nal di·ver·tic·u·lum

a diverticulum of the duodenum that is often found projecting from the duodenum near the duodenal papilla.
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This duodenal diverticulum obstructive jaundice syndrome is called Lemmel's syndrome [2].
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Intraluminal duodenal diverticulum is a rare congenital cause of duodenal obstruction.
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Inverted duodenal diverticulum is an infrequent congenital abnormality that usually is not symptomatic but can become, generally in adult life.
Upper gastrointestinal series showed the presence of an intraluminal duodenal diverticulum of about 8 cm in length and a partially occluded duodenal lumen (figure 1).
Perforation of a duodenal diverticulum secondary to blunt abdominal trauma is even more unusual; only 23 cases have been reported.
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An Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangio-Pancreatogram (ERCP) was precluded due to the difficulty of the duodenal diverticulum obscuring the ampulla of Vater.
The histology of the operative specimen revealed cholesterol polyps in the distal CBD associated with a juxta-papillary duodenal diverticulum (Figure 2).