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A site where solid non-hazardous municipal waste is disposed
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Squalid would be an understatement if used to describe the working conditions at the dumpsite.
This] indicates that the seawall has a positive impact on marine life in the area and is acting as an artificial reef potentially remedying the contamination of the past at the dumpsite and promoting fish and plant life.
Both leachate and monitor boreholes were located within the dumpsite while the other water samples were taken very close to the dumpsite.
EU funding for the rehabilitation works of the dumpsite amounts to e1/4 6.
The class action suit was filed by 18 residents of the dumpsite in Payatas, Quezon City at the Quezon City Regional Trial Court.
Congress wanted the federal government to get a better handle on dumpsite health problems when it called for the establishment of the Agency for Toxic Substances Disease Registries as part of the 1980 Superfund law.
At the eleventh hour they let Indian Head Films know the pollywog(tadpoles) at the dumpsite were mating and the permit for the dumpsite could not be approved.
The garbage problems came after the people, living close to Sofia operational landfill at Suhodol, started staging rallies, demanding the closing of the dumpsite on the western outskirts of Bulgaria's capital over health and environmental concerns.
The sites involved are: -- Hazelwood Greenway, Allegheny County: More than 10 tons of trash, six tons of scrap metal and 72 tires were removed from an illegal dumpsite along the south section of the Hazelwood Greenway.
I myself had a rude awakening many years ago when it was finally disclosed that my daughter's elementary school, which is in one of the top districts in the State of Michigan and is located in a suburb west of Detroit, was built atop a former dumpsite.
The WFP Office in Japan said there are many children who cannot go to the center because they are forced to contribute to their family's income by selling items such as metal shards collected at a large dumpsite near the center.
At least 134 bodies have so far been dug up from beneath the tons of rubbish that slid from a dumpsite Monday in the northern outskirts of Manila, a military report said Thursday.