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A site where solid non-hazardous municipal waste is disposed
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He said the old man started relying on the dumpsite when he was aged 36 and to date he still lives at the site.
In December last year, Governor Mike Sonko unveiled plans for a recycling plant at the dumpsite.
Over the years, the dumpsite has become a four-storey high mountain of garbage with spontaneous burning," the decision read.
Payatas dumpsite,###Prevalence of diarrhoea###[15, 48]
It's a free for all and sometimes we get hurt, but its fine, we are already used to it," Marjune tells Gulf News in interview at the Letre dumpsite.
Due to the need for improvement of the yield of AYB as well as the current trend of increased use of dumpsites for agricultural purposes in Africa it is therefore important to study the effect of various dumpsite soils on the growth and rhizosphere microorganism diversity of AYB.
Four surface soil samples were collected at depths ranging from 0-20cm using a stainless-steel hand auger within the dumpsite to determine engineering properties, in accordance with British Standards (Anon, 1990) which included moisture content, grain size distribution, porosity, permeability, plasticity and Atterberg limits.
However, just over a month later the shoreline is again being used as a dumpsite for construction materials.
The regulations stipulate drivers register their vehicles at one particular dumpsite and fines for delays in dumping sewage.
Other subjects examined are methane production in landfills, dumpsite remediation, economic assessment of the environmental benefits of closing a landfill, and comparing landfill impact assessment methods.
Prince Turki Bin Nasser, president of the General Presidency of Meteorology and Environmental Protection said the danger posed by the dumpsite could not be ignored any longer.
About 115 companies--including Ford, Hyundai, Nokia, and Chennai Petroleum--are members of the Industrial Waste Management Association (IWMA), the organization that was granted permission to construct the dumpsite.