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A site where solid non-hazardous municipal waste is disposed
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The dumpsite violated the Ecological Solid Waste Management Act, which prohibits open dumping of waste.
Most dumpsites in Cambodia are located in areas prone to flooding, which can contaminate the environment through toxic substances infiltrating the water table.
'The company has taken an initiative to assess the dumpsite gas potential on south eastern side of Mahmood Booti Dumpsite.
The court said records also show that city government entered into an agreement with private contractor Lacto-Asia in April 2005 for the operation of the MFR, until its construction was met with oppositions by village residents who filed an administrative complaint against the city government."In the case of the subject dumpsite, it is admitted that the same has been utilized by Cabanatuan City since the 1960s with the garbage coming from almost 89 barangays of the city.
This research used primary data obtained through observation and use of questionnaire administered to scavengers at the dumpsite. Permission to carry out the study was granted by the relevant research and ethics committees of Sefako Makgatho Health Sciences University.
Payatas dumpsite,###Prevalence of diarrhoea###[15, 48]
To assess the effect of leachate on the quality of groundwater, geophysical, hydrogeological, and hydrochemical studies were carried out near and away from the dumpsite located in the study area.
About 400 landfill workers joined the Eid lunch, including scrap collectors who gather materials for recycling from the 40-metre-high dumpsite.
The dumpsite was reopened at the beginning of December 2007 after the environment ministry backed the controversial option to prevent a looming garbage crisis in the capital.
THE EUROPEAN Commission is providing over e1/46 million in funding to close the largest waste dumpsite in the northern part of Cyprus near occupied Dikomo.
POLICE could be called in to arrest rogue truckers who continue to use a picturesque lagoon as a dumpsite.