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1. Synonym(s): pontic
2. British usage for pacifier (q.v.).
[substitute, imitation dumb, lacking the power of speech, fr. O.E.]
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Heel your dog and have your helper toss the memory dummy. Run through the single and make sure the dog gets it.
If the guide is aware of someone wanting to donate a dummy, they take everyone from the chick pen round to the piglets so there is an audience for the donation.
I will prove to you later that you're just a dummy of Bong Pineda.
When his mouth opens, even a little, quickly slide the dummy in, release the ear pressure and praise the dog.
While NHTSA has acknowledged that their ultimate goal is to pursue a dynamic rollover testing regulation that uses a crash dummy for injury prediction and crashworthiness rating, there are several hurdles that prevent the implementation of a dynamic rollover testing procedure as the federal regulation, including: 1) the inadequacy of repeatability of existing dynamic rollover fixture and testing procedure; 2) the lack of an occupant injury criteria under rollover conditions; 3) the lack of a dummy available that has demonstrated biofidelity in rollover [2].
Following the story about David Beckham allowing #Harper to use a dummy, such decisions must surely be left to the discretion of the parent.
The only downside is that, if you're under three, a dummy seems to have a similar addictive quality to crack cocaine.
"Children are not moving their tongue to the correct position because the dummy is holding it down, which can make speech sound really unclear."
The full-time mum, who lives with partner, John, a car factory worker, said: "Parents need to be made aware of how dangerous these dummy chains are.
TCM-ABCT recommends that units conduct inventories to identify available/serviceable training dummy rounds in all rifle/ armor companies and scout platoons.
Dummy auxiliaries in first and second language acquisition.