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1. Synonym(s): pontic
2. British usage for pacifier (q.v.).
[substitute, imitation dumb, lacking the power of speech, fr. O.E.]


state of depressed consciousness in which the still mobile animal walks continuously and compulsively, head down, stumbling gait, walking into fixed objects, head presses when it meets a fixed object, when trapped in a narrow place is incapable of backing out, walks into human habitation which it would ordinarily shun. May walk in circles. Does not respond to ordinary stimuli, does not eat or drink. Caused by encephalitis, hepatic encephalopathy, subacute lead poisoning. Called also blind staggers, dummy syndrome. See also neonatal maladjustment syndrome.

dummy calf syndrome
thought to be a behavior problem inherited in some breeds; the newborn calf is bright and alert but lacks teat seeking and teat sucking reflexes.
dummy disease
said of lambs born with hydranencephaly due to intrauterine infection with bluetongue virus, usually the vaccine strain.
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I would be more worried if the little girl was sucking her thumb - you can take a dummy away from a child but what can you do about a thumb?
Judy believes Harper may be using her dummy as a coping mechanism for being in the spotlight.
Once it's tossed, you should then throw your dummy in the opposite direction a full 180 degrees away from the first retrieve.
You can find more information about the WorldSID 5th Percentile Female Dummy here: http://www.
But after a few repetitions your dog should start to relax, open Wider and accept the dummy willingly.
The researchers, led by Dr De-Kun Li, also found that dummy use appeared to help reduce the impact of other risk factors for cot death, such as sleeping with a mother who smoked.
The three tests used unpowered dummy boosters - two steel tanks welded together with a Fiberglas nose and nozzle.
Sure Start Bedlington & District organised the fairy and elves party to end their Dummy and Bottle Awareness Week.
Suggestions include giving the dummy to Father Christmas as a special present,or even burying it in the garden -anything that helps turn it into a memorable event that they will enjoy,and even look forward to.
German car manufacturers Audi, BMW, Daimler, Porsche, and Volkswagen founded the Partnership for Dummy Technology and Biomechanics (PDB) in 2002 as a cooperative venture to combine their specialized knowledge in crash test dummy technology, biomechanics and simulation in order to achieve high standards of occupant protection.
I tried everything to ease their discomfort but, in the end, it was the good old dummy that settled them best.
Giving your child a dummy does not make you a bad parent.