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1. Synonym(s): pontic
2. British usage for pacifier (q.v.).
[substitute, imitation dumb, lacking the power of speech, fr. O.E.]
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Because you've place the dummies 180 degrees from one another, he'll have to run right past you to investigate the second, which gives you the chance to have him drop the first dummy in your hands and then send him to the second.
Critique: Thoroughly 'user friendly' in organization and presentation, "Public Speaking Skills For Dummies" is a complete course of instruction that will transform even the most reluctant public speaker into a polish performer under any and all circumstances and audience sizes.
The child gave him a big bag of dummies to hang on the tree so that they could be turned into fairytlights.
While the tests look pretty brutal, NASA reassures that by using dummies, it ensure that any humans flying in the vehicles in the future will be safe.
Children are ready to give up dummies at different times and ages, so Mum and Dad will know when it's best.
The NHS Choices website says parents "should avoid using dummies after 12 months of age to prevent speech development problems".
I consoled myself with the fact that : A) Scientists have discovered some health benefits for babies under six months when they sleep with dummies. I can't recall what they are but I quote this regularly to anyone who looks like they disapprove.
Experts say prolonged use of dummies can increase the risk of ear infections and can cause an overbite as the teeth grow around the teat.
If true that they are using "dummies" to front for him and his family in their unlawful acquisition of so much wealth and assets, the Binays are truly running the risk of losing everything they are said to have worked so hard to amass over the yearsto their "dummies"!
A spokesperson for Liverpool Women's said the dummies were no longer bei ng sold.
Canon EOS Rebel SL1/100D for Dummies is specific to the Canon EOS model and teaches all the basics for newcomers to the camera, from understanding its controls and shooting modes to downloading and sharing photos and using Live View to shoot videos.