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An irregularly weighted hollow-tipped bullet that tumbles on entry into the body, causing massive tissue destruction, by adding a rotational component to its trajectory
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A special feature for Tuesday's morning session was the conversation with Resil Mojares and Simeon Dumdum Jr.
The first one of these was a pilot project also at the KPT Interchange started a while ago by planting bougainvillea, money plant and dumdum of which dumdum did well.
But the jury took just over an hour to reject his protestations of innocence and unanimously convict him of possessing prohibited ammunition -the dumdums -possessing three further bullets without a firearms certificate and having various types of ammunition on him without lawful authority or reasonable excuse during the flight.
Early on, in reply to Dumdum's remark "the heart of America" Taco responds, "Built on sand." Yet, the opera announces its origins in the nightmare of Northern Ireland's Troubles by repeated references to Ulster place names, horrid flashbacks to obscure scenes of murder.
The Cachila brothers and Dumdum were arrested in Barangay Nangka at about 7:16 p.m.
Dumdum, who is set to retire in December, said allowances are meant to free them from financial anxiety.
Kolkata: The impromptu press conference called by Tapan Sikdar, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate from the Dumdum parliamentary constituency in West Bengal, on late Friday evening, to declare that he is "alive" took the entire media fraternity by surprise.
THE innocent Brazilian man shot dead by anti-terror officers after being mistaken for a suicide bomber was killed using "dumdum" style bullets that were banned from use in warfare, it was reported yesterday.
His godmothers are: Sarah May Halasan, Alma Uy, Arlene Acain, Mildred Bohone, Carolyn Azunar, Gail Firbank, Sheila Salada, Odette Carbonell, Analyn Cabais, Michele Madula, Claire Jackson, Mona Liza Dumdum, Jenelyn Carbonell, Dolly May Barnabal, Marija Blesida, Apolinar Maricel Luzon, Wilhelmina Udarbe, Josephine Guillen, Elizabeth Riley, Jeanette Cole, Nella Rellama, Gaudencia Dator, Susan Morris and Irine Bancel.