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An irregularly weighted hollow-tipped bullet that tumbles on entry into the body, causing massive tissue destruction, by adding a rotational component to its trajectory
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Kolkata: The impromptu press conference called by Tapan Sikdar, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate from the Dumdum parliamentary constituency in West Bengal, on late Friday evening, to declare that he is "alive" took the entire media fraternity by surprise.
dummy dum dummy dum dummy dummy dum dummy dum dummy dummy dum dummy dum dummy dummy dum dumdum dummy dummy dummy dum dumdum dummy dummy dummy dum dumdum dummy
Mr Aina said: "You are not allowed to have dumdums under any circumstances, unless you have the permission of the Secretary of State.
Dumdum, Lowe, and Avolio (2002) completed a later study that was an update to the work of Lowe et al.
The first poem I came upon was by a poet I had never heard of before, Simeon Dumdum Jr.
Dumdum bullets were designed for use against native populations in British colonies.
THREE boxes of lethal dumdum bullets were found in a wardrobe at the home of a young Huyton man, a court has heard.
Lakehead's campaign never would have worked had it ridiculed Tony Blair, an Oxford graduate, as a dumdum, though his foreign policy is identical to Bush's.
Police, however, said that Amir's brother Hagai was an accomplice who prepared at least one of the two dumdum bullets that smashed into Mr Rabin.
If one uses a Dvorak keyboard instead, the original list is reduced to beebe, booboo, dikdik, dumdum and Mimi.
The bullets are internationally banned dumdum bullets which explode inside the body.