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Sharp was brought to justice after Ms Shipway posted footage of him breaking into her home - and viewers recoginised him from the TV show Britain's Dumbest Burglars
I can look at a chief executive and say, 'If you do that, you're the dumbest ass I've ever seen.
There are also three pages of book reviews and a number of political poems written by the editor--plus an article on the "ten dumbest ideas in American politics in the 20th century.
If the person at the top of your office's corporate ladder acts like something at the bottom of the food chain, Claude Carter, creator of the Web site for the Dumbest Boss of the Millennium Contest, would like to hear from you, reports the Associated Press.
Laura of Talk Radio, small landlords are among the dumbest people on the planet.
There must be a lot because there's actually a television show called America's Dumbest Criminals.
In Britain, the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) has been set up to do just this but there is little indication so far that it will lead to better environments, or even buildings that are more efficient in terms of resource use, because construction firms still tend to choose the safest and dumbest designs which are cheapest in capital cost, hence rather defeating the point of the whole process.
Nixon made another comeback, played by Anthony Hopkins because Jim Carrey was not available as he was filming the sequel, Dumber and Dumbest.
Beck has drawn up a table of the ten smartest and ten dumbest industries (listed below followed by their average percentage of knowledge workers).
Dumbest Moment in Business - Northwest Airlines' dumpster diving tips (as part of a booklet given to laid off workers offering 101 ways to save money)
Accepting his client was "banged to rights", a defence barrister said his actions could be compared to an episode of TV's World's Dumbest Criminals.
My dumbest investment involved a small Canadian company seeking to mine the ocean floor for copper, gold, silver and more.