dumb terminal

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1. forming or pertaining to an end.
2. a termination, end, or extremity, especially a nerve ending.
3. an input-output device that communicates with a computer and includes parts such as a keyboard and a printer.
dedicated terminal a terminal reserved for just one type of computer application.
dumb terminal a computer terminal capable both as an input device, sending data keyed in on the terminal keyboard, and as an output device, displaying data on a screen or printing it on paper. See also intelligent terminal.
intelligent terminal a computer terminal, or a microcomputer functioning as a terminal, that can process data files stored on mass storage devices (usually floppy disks). Such files may be either output files received from the host computer or input (command) files sent to the host computer. See also dumb terminal.
point of care terminal a computer terminal that serves as an input device to allow health professionals to enter data at the patient's bedside.
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Wouldn't you rather have your PC act like a computer instead of a dumb terminal?
In each store, the network consists of the minicomputer (a Unisys 5000/50 Unix) that powers "dumb terminals"-video display screens with keyboards, but no software-printers and electronic time clocks.
It used to be that point-of-care technology more or less meant a dumb terminal in the vicinity of the bedside, or an awkward wall-mounted device for recording vital signs only.
When AAFES originally replaced its classic cash registers with RPOS terminals, it chose the NCR 1255, basically a dumb terminal networked to a central in-store processor.
A dumb terminal would give our staff real-time access to our Dynix system.
In any case, it's a diskless computer, he points out, rather than a dumb terminal. The entry-level model will have output jacks for VGA or TV monitors in place of the built-in monitor, and drop the videoconferencing gear, high-speed network option and flash RAM.
The "dumb terminal" moniker is derived from the fact that the terminal merely functions as an access point to the server through keyboard commands and screen updates.
With the cost of T1s moderating in CB&T's locale, Baker says, it was clear there would be benefits, despite the costs of abandoning some dumb terminal equipment that wouldn't work with the T1s.