paralytic rabies

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par·a·lyt·ic ra·bies

a form or stage of rabies marked by paralytic symptoms.
Synonym(s): dumb rabies
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Furious rabies is the classic "mad dog" form, while dumb rabies paralyses the victim's jaw.
The clinical picture includes a prodromal stage followed by severe neurological manifestations in the form of undue salivation, aerophobia and hydrophobia (furious rabies) or paralysis (dumb rabies).
The patient develops hyperactivity, called furious rabies, or paralysis, called dumb rabies. Without intensive care, death occurs in the first seven days of illness.
Dumb rabies, often described as the paralytic form of rabies, manifests itself as paralysis of the throat and chewing muscles.
This is known as 'furious rabies', but there is also a second type known as 'dumb rabies' where the infected animal is drowsy and appears docile and friendly.