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An irregularly weighted hollow-tipped bullet that tumbles on entry into the body, causing massive tissue destruction, by adding a rotational component to its trajectory
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But dum-dums are still widely used today, by criminals and sometimes by police.
DUM-DUM bullets were invented by the British Army in India in the 1890s, and named after the district of Calcutta where they were made.
Innocent Brazilian Jean Charles de Menezes was killed with dum-dum rounds in London in 2005 after cops mistook him for a suicide bomber.
Dum-dums are designed to spread on impact to cause maximum damage, and are banned under the Geneva Convention.
And the ammo included hollow-point dum-dum bullets - like the one Hamilton used to kill himself.
A GUN NUT who kept more than 2000 dum-dum bullets at his home was jailed for two years yesterday.
McIntosh told police he bought the dum-dum bullets by mail order from America.