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Not sharp or acute, in any sense; qualifying a surgical instrument, the action of the mind, pain, a sound (especially the percussion note), etc.
[M.E. dul]
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adjective Referring to the appearance of a non-glistening surface on cultures of noncapsule-producing bacteria, seen in many Enterobacteriaceae. In contrast, capsule-producing bacteria are described as glistening or “mucoid”.
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Not sharp or acute, in any sense; qualifying a surgical instrument, the action of the mind, pain, a sound (especially the percussion note), or other qualities.
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Not sharp or acute, in any sense.
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Patient discussion about dull

Q. My mom`s skin looks dull after her radiation therapy.I want to know is there anything serious to consider? My mom`s skin looks dull after her radiation therapy. We thought that it was due to her stress and surgery and will vanish once the treatment is over. But it’s almost a fortnight that her therapy is over and the dryness of the skin still remains. I want to know is this normal or is there anything serious to consider?

A. It is a common sign with the patients who underwent radiation therapy. But do care if she is having any burning sensation and itching. Meet the doctor without any delay if your mom shows any of the above symptoms. If it is a visible dryness only then she must keep herself hydrated by having a lot of water. You can use skin moisturizers also. Limit the use of deodorants and use mild soaps.

Q. Uncomfortable in my left-lower abdomen. But it is not acute or dull pain at all. I'm starting to feel uncomfortable in my lower-left abdomen. I roughly guess it started summer in 2008. Certainly, it's not acute or even dull pain at all. But it makes me very uncomfortable when I sit on the chair. I can feel it by sitting on the chair. Such uncomfortableness seems to reside in somewhere between my left leg and abdomen. It is under my navel, and to the left, extending to the my left flank. Once again, I can sense it by touching something developing (With my fingers, I gently pressed that area and, I realized that there's a difference between pressing on the lower-left abdomen and the lower-right abdomen.) But it is not something swollen, and not a hard thing. I've never had the caecum removed. I'm 40 years old, East asian. I quitted smoking in early 90's. In Octocber, 2008 I found my blood pressure pretty good (I can't remember it, though). My life is quite sedentary (I'm a graduate student.) I guess I spend most of my daily time on the chair. Thanks for any opinion in advance.

A. hi '''i do have the same thing all what i do is keep it higher than my hart and after a lettel time it well come back to normal and i advice you to go see a d'r when you have the rhit time for it.......and happy holly day and happy 2009..lolo21

Q. i am dhaval .iam 22 male.my hair are rough and dry.and become dull suddenly.is 500 ml.cow milk good for it? dhjaval trivedi

A. What you describe may point to several possible conditions, including thyroid diseases, vitamin deficiencies or simply the beginning of male-pattern hair loss (androgenetic alopecia). However, it's not really possible to diagnose your condition through the net, so I would suggest seeing a doctor, since these conditions (even male-pattern hair loss) may be treated efficiently.

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