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This competition is as dull as ditchwater. Or is it as dull as dishwater?
Her husband is as dull as ditchwater but that doesn't mean she can have mine.
THE good folk of Yorkshire and Lancashire might be excited about tonight's Origin match at the JJB Stadium, but from a betting point of view it is as dull as ditchwater.
But yesterday was as dull as ditchwater. The housemates woke up and played chess.
Bob Wilson also looks on his last legs, Andy Townsend is as dull as ditchwater and puts viewers on edge with his skewed nose, while Gazza acts like he drinks ten bottles of Newcastle Brown Ale before he comes on air.
A little patent on Hills' Threesomes could provide a bit of fun in a tournament that looks as dull as ditchwater. The players in mind are Justin Leonard, Stuart Appleby and defending champion Frank Lickliter.
If someone says something is "as dull as ditchwater", I can remove a phial of the stuff from my hip pocket, hold it up to the light and prove that ditchwater is actually quite clear (check, and you'll see that it is).